What is a Blog?

What is blogging? What is a blog? Why do we use it? The term “blog” was derived from what was initially known as a “web log”, this involved a frequently updated journal in which a person would be able to document their day. This journal allows a person to share their thoughts with thousands of other readers and also allows businesses to promote their brand.

Something that was once only used by ones with technical abilities, the kind of people who  now use blogs has evolved to people just like you and me, this has been helped with the fact that blogging has become more mainstream and millions of people write on their blog daily.

Blog Vs Website

It is important to differenciate between a blog and a website, because many use a blog as their form of a personal website, it has caused confusion over what consitutes a blog. Part of the issue found is that many businesses and organisations use both, and it is vital to understand what seperates the two.

  • Blogging allows for reader engagement and are often utilized along with social media due to the ability for readers and end users to have a discussion with the blogger by commenting and sharing their views which in turn makes it a social interaction.
  • Blogs are more frequently updated, from users sharing their food recipes on their food blogs, to businesses providing updates to their services, blogs have new content being posted all the time.

Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business

Businesses use blogging as a marketing tactic in order to gain more visibility in the online landscape. By doing so, it helps drive traffic to their website which leads to converting this traffic into leads that can increase revenue for the company.

Blogs also increase a business’s  SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By continually adding fresh content, one more page is indexed on the main website, this means that it provides one more opportunity for the business to show up on search engines and drive more traffic to the website by organic search.

Likewise, it helps an organisation to be discovered on social media since most blogs have the functionality of being able to share the content with other social networks such as Facebook and twitter, thus gaining exposure to a new audience that may not have been discovered yet.

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